How To Decorate Your Cookies And Customise It

Customised cookies let you capture the perfect moment in a delectable cookie. The customised cookies are one of a kind and it makes the receiver smile from ear to ear. It is simple to decorate a customised cookie and it definitely makes a gift idea that one will never forget.

In order to decorate and customise your cookie, you need to know what the occasion is and then have a design in mind of how you would want to customise the cookie. Customizing cookies is possible for any event. Be it a social or an intimate event, there are plenty of decorating options that you can choose from to personalize the cookies.



Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or want to wish someone else through cookies, the customised cookies let you sweeten the occasion. You can customise the cookies with a picture of the couple. You may decorate it with pictures of flowers and hearts with a personalized quotation.



Cookies make a great gift on birthdays. Why not add an extra touch to it by customizing it. You can decorate the cookie with the name of the person, a 3D image of the receiver or just with a simple birthday message on the cookies.


Corporate gifts

Customised cookies Singapore also make a great corporate gift. You may want to present a prospective client with cookies or congratulate any employee who has performed well. You can opt for logo cookies or customise the cookie basket with a congratulatory note or just a simple wish and create a lasting impression.


Get well soon

You may want to send get-well wishes to someone close to you. Why not let them feel refreshed with a bouquet of customised cookies. Add a message for a speedy recovery or come up with a line of yours and present it.


Father’s day

Do you want to gift your father a special present on this Father’s day? You may want to customise the cookies with a picture of yourself and your father together and gift it to him. It is a cool idea and your father is sure to cherish it.


The process of customizing a cookie

All that you need to do in order to customise a cookie is to first decide on the occasion and how you would like to customise it. Most of the cookie stores that allow personalization will have an in-house artist. Just sit with him and come up with the perfect design on the cookie, which is apt for the occasion.



Customizing the cookies are easy and even the most intricate designs can be printed on it. You can get a 3D character on the cookie or just print a personalized message on it. The customised cookies stand out from the rest because it lets you make a statement. There is no limit on how you can decorate a customised cookie. Either choose from the pamphlet available or let your thoughts wander and create the perfect decoration on the cookie to gift to your loved one or to someone special.


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