Buying Corporate Gifts In Bulk Saved Me Tons Of Time And Money

As an entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for the right gift for the festive season, which I can gift to my customers. My gift is intended to convey as to how much I value this relationship I have with them. When they use or see my gift, they remember me for a few moments, as an added bonus. Over the past years, I have tried various gifts starting from simple flowers to sweets to clocks and keepsakes. I have decided to move on to wholesale corporate gifts that don’t need much time spent per customer yet are suitable for each one’s tastes. I spend considerable effort on planning each delivery in a unique way. Here are some ways of gifting uniquely.

A smart tablet for those smart people

Smart people on-the-go crave the latest organizers and digital wonders. They will just jump at the chance of owning something trendy and modern, which is being talked about on social media. You not only get brownie points for a perfect gift, you also get remembered more often as your customer will use it more.

A Pedometer for the health freak

If I find out that a customer is a health watcher, runs or jogs regularly, I would immediately take the next gifting opportunity to gift him or her, a pedometer. Pedometers cost anywhere between $1 and $50, and there is a wide range of desirable features.

For the wireless lover, something with Bluetooth

Bluetooth headphones or speakers are an ideal gift for those who spend a lot of time on audio conferences. While they are useful on the go too, they are 100% usable inside confined spaces.

Song of the wind in a wind chime

Yet another gift that can be bought in bulk, a wind chime can be metallic or wooden. I personally prefer the wooden tones as they have Feng-shui values. The yin energies are supposed to uplift any bad moods and the gentle chimes please the soul. Since this is a gift for the home rather than the office, it adds just a little personal touch that your customer will remember.

Keeps your mobile on, always on

Power banks for their mobiles will not just make customers happy, they will appreciate the practical gesture. It’s usually just the thing they’ve been meaning to buy, but somehow don’t find the time or opportunity to do so.

For the beautiful ladies, a touch of makeup

Makeup kits can excite women of any age. For the beginner exploring makeup, it looks like a wondrous Pandora’s Box that she wants try out in her “me” time. For the experts, it may just add the right touch of personalization to complete their makeup sets.

Delivered with a tune and song

This is one of my favorites. A professional singer plays a tune when my customer is receiving his gift. My courier records the whole video while the song is being played and catches the reactions live. The video will be shared via social media as a positive bonding experience.

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