The iPad app publishing platform, focused on editorial content

With Tactilize Design & Sell:
Books and Coffee-Table iPad Apps
Special Issues and Quality Magazines Apps
Music, Photo, Video & Data, iPad Apps
We’re in private beta

Our Vision

After 20 long years of the economy of poverty & CPM, our ecosystem is now able to be part of the new economy of supply – where the act of buying is the norm, rather than the exception.
Tactilize allows content creators to produce rich, well-crafted special editions and topic-based coffee-table apps. Their creations will be listed in the most profitable of application markets, the AppStore, while targeting the best ‘user experience’ available today, the iPad.

Our Pricing
Price per app: $3999
Subscription (white label):
$1999/month + $1299$/app
Special offer: 1 free iPad with each published app if you choose to pay at sign-up (and not at publication).
Publish by yourself:
No revenue sharing
Published or get your money back
No programming skills needed
Nor Adobe or else required
Full iOS experience (no bullshit)
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