Corporate Gift Ideas

A company appreciates a single person for his extraordinary business performance and elevates his importance by gifting him. But when it comes to gifting the whole organization for the success of a big project, what will they do or how will they manage to satisfy all the employees? Corporate Gifting has the power to elevate your business sales.

Corporate gifting on a wholesale basis will be the only affordable solution.  Few advantages of this type of gifting:

  • Wide variety of choices
  • Very cost effective
  • Avoids differences and preferences between employees
  • A boost for better and improved performance

Wholesale Gifting Options

  1. Key Chains:  These are a very simple yet valuable gift option. Companies buy these items in wholesale and present it to employees on special occasions. So there are many new arrivals like No. 1 keychain, a thumbs-up keychain, or a mini torch keychain.
  • Stationery:  There are employees who are glued to their chairs all the time and some are on the run, eg: medical representatives. For both types, office stationery is a necessity in different forms. It can be a pen stand, a business card holder, a passbook kit, an executive bag, or a diary. These are one of the best wholesale corporate gifting options.

There are licensed wholesale corporate gift dealers who help companies with such bulk orders. They do not wait for the companies to contact them but approach the regular clients themselves to take the orders.

The above mentioned are a few regular and daily use of wholesale corporate gifts.

Apart from these, there are also others which the company might opt for during special occasions and festivals.

  1. Food Items:  Sweets and savouries are an all-time favourite for all. Companies place bulk orders with leading dealers for the new arrivals, to be distributed to employees during festivals. Chocolates are another option; wrap them up attractively and beautifully and gift them to employees on special and important days. Also, one more option is the Nut box. Hence gift boxes come in the form of assorted nut boxes in different sizes, colours and shapes with different pricing for each type.

Have sweets and celebrate festivals!

  • Movie Tickets: There are two types. For instance, an official movie ticket wherein the employee will get an opportunity to watch the movie with his colleagues and the other is a movie with his family. Companies will tie-up with theatres and make pre-arrangements for both the options.
  • Picnics and recreational trips: Corporate gifts can also be in the form of an outing. Many companies arrange for a get together of employees with their families which will enable them to create a personal bonding. They also arrange for tours with families making it more of a family celebration.
  • Cash Coupons or Gift Cards: Some companies partner with leading textile selling brands like Reliance Trends, Lifestyle and enable the employees to make a cashless purchase. So the companies will have an account with the selling outlet for the purchase made by all employees and settle them directly at a discount.

There are just some awesome ideas you can pick up from for your corporate gifting! Look out for professionals like the Ministry of Print to offer you the top service and assistance when it comes to corporate gifting.


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Event Fringe Activities In Your Neighbourhood Singapore

Where do you get the best musical Event Fringe Activities happening?

You can listen to pop music, contemporary music, or nostalgic music from leading bands.

If you are living near Cluny Road, take a walk to the Botanical Gardens nearby, you can enjoy free event fringe activities in Singapore like music concerts!

The park is one of the crucial venues which take fringe events to people. Most activities here happen during weekend holidays, and people of all age groups love visiting the spot to hear good music. Feel free to listen to pop music, contemporary music, or nostalgic music from leading bands!

Do we have Event Fringe Activities other than music?

Esplanade is another area where fringe events happen frequently based on stage arts.

Esplanade is another area where fringe events happen frequently based on stage arts. You can never go wrong when there are these awesome artists performing really cool pieces! They tend to have themed based pieces and it has to be one of the best event fringe activities in Singapore, where the entire family can enjoy.

These dramas speak a lot about women’s empowerment, fraternity, world peace, etc. The drama has a different way of portraying the variation of set properties which were what captivates many! Sometimes the actor himself becomes a part of the set property, still conveys a strong message to the audience!

Which fringe event is quite close to heart?

Women's empowerment, humanity, and various other themes are taken up as discussed through simple performances.

Next comes the Event Fringe festival, where street arts are performed by contemporary artists. Women’s empowerment, humanity, and various other themes are taken up as discussed through simple performances. These event fringe activities are so powerful because the guests feel so connected and always remember the long-lasting effect!

Do these events cater to different types of people?

Free entry to galleries and watching the painting together with a guided tour by the curator happens very frequently in various neighborhoods.

There are lots of event fringe activities to bring art to common people. What’s best, there is free entry to galleries, and watching the painting together with a guided tour by the curator happens very frequently in various neighborhoods. Companies can try these ideas for corporate fringe activities to boost team building too! It is definitely an excellent opportunity to learn more about paintings and the art behind it!

In order, to encourage art interests, various event fringe activities Singapore like poster making workshops happen. These are best for children as well as adults and turn out to be a good spot where the entire family can have fun. These venues have something for women too-like bag making or henna tattoo. How cool is that!

Where do the movie-fans go?

Watching in crowds in such a huge screen under the starry sky is unimaginable for many.

In various neighborhoods, you can see a wide range of fringe activities like watching bar dancers hanging their bodies upside down on a long vertical wooden bar.

Besides, the highlight fringe activities are to watch numerous movies on large screens in the event venues. As the guests can watch these free of cost, and the list of movies includes several classics, hits, and rare documentaries even.

Watching in crowds in such a huge screen under the starry sky is unimaginable for many. As of us have routine movie-watching habits in homes or theatres! One can watch numerous movies of various genres continually for hours, who can deny that!

It is crucial to ensure that the Neighbourhood remains active as this will allow a greater bond created amongst the people. There are benefits of outdoor activities to keep people entertained and bonded.


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How to Host Successful Corporate Team Building:

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How to Host a Successful Corporate Team Building Workshop in Singapore?

Corporate Team Building Workshop is definitely an important way corporate bonds their members and teams! There are people from different cultures and different educational backgrounds in a team. They all are in a position to set aside their differences. This helps them work as a team instead of working as an individual. Working as a team can be useful for the team itself and the corporate. For this, the key is to conduct quality team building activities.

Corporate Team Building Workshop is definitely a important way corporate bonds their members and teams!

Corporate Team building activities can

· Motivate employees

· Break the communication barriers

· Help them understand their teammates better

· Create a sense of unity

· Increase the efficiency of collaboration

There are plenty of such benefits. Therefore organizations big and small host team-building exercises regularly. It helps create a productive work environment. Are you planning to host a corporate team building workshop in Singapore? Here are a few things to keep in mind-

1. Pick a suitable venue

There are several fringe activities for the conference and other corporate events. To execute them, you need the right venue. Your office conference hall might be spacious enough. However, it would help if you had a change of place to create an impact. Pick a site that is easily accessible by the employees. Arrange for transportation to the venue to complete the whole experience. 

2. Work with the experts

With their experience in team-building workshops, they can give you the best ideas.

Several companies let you plan fringe activities for conferences and team-building events. With their experience in team-building workshops, they can give you the best ideas. Help them understand your team, and you can enjoy the most effective ideas.

3. Set aside a good Corporate budget

Remember that team building activities are essential. The money your organization spends on them would be investments. This helps strengthens the collaboration in the team. They can also help improve communication between teams. It can be beneficial to the organization in the long run.

4. There should be space for fun in Corporate

It can also allow employees to open up. There are fringe activities for the conference held as ice-breakers.

Keeping the event too formal would not solve the purpose. An element of fun can lighten up the team-building exercise. It can also allow employees to open up. There are fringe activities for the conference held as ice-breakers. Similar such ideas can strike a conversation. This helps the team members feel more comfortable in expressing their views. Opinion sharing should also be part of team building activities. It can help improve the team structure. With this, it is also easy to create a more employee-friendly setup.

5. Let the employees feel appreciated 

Rewarding activities in team-building workshops can motivate employees.

Rewarding activities in team-building workshops can motivate employees. You can add competitions that are light-hearted and fun. Winning prizes in them can make employees feel appreciated. They would also get a place to express their talents outside of the workplace. Gift them quality corporate gifts that make them feel that it is all worth it!

Team building workshops are easy to conduct. All it takes is the right level of planning. You also need a suitable budget for the same. With these two ingredients, you can easily win the hearts of your employees. Use these activities to show that you care about your employees. These workshops can improve the performance of the teams permanently. There are lively locations in Singapore where you can plan team outings and team building workshops. 


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How To Decorate Your Cookies And Customise It

Customised cookies let you capture the perfect moment in a delectable cookie. The customised cookies are one of a kind and it makes the receiver smile from ear to ear. It is simple to decorate a customised cookie and it definitely makes a gift idea that one will never forget.

In order to decorate and customise your cookie, you need to know what the occasion is and then have a design in mind of how you would want to customise the cookie. Customizing cookies is possible for any event. Be it a social or an intimate event, there are plenty of decorating options that you can choose from to personalize the cookies.



Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or want to wish someone else through cookies, the customised cookies let you sweeten the occasion. You can customise the cookies with a picture of the couple. You may decorate it with pictures of flowers and hearts with a personalized quotation.



Cookies make a great gift on birthdays. Why not add an extra touch to it by customizing it. You can decorate the cookie with the name of the person, a 3D image of the receiver or just with a simple birthday message on the cookies.


Corporate gifts

Customised cookies Singapore also make a great corporate gift. You may want to present a prospective client with cookies or congratulate any employee who has performed well. You can opt for logo cookies or customise the cookie basket with a congratulatory note or just a simple wish and create a lasting impression.


Get well soon

You may want to send get-well wishes to someone close to you. Why not let them feel refreshed with a bouquet of customised cookies. Add a message for a speedy recovery or come up with a line of yours and present it.


Father’s day

Do you want to gift your father a special present on this Father’s day? You may want to customise the cookies with a picture of yourself and your father together and gift it to him. It is a cool idea and your father is sure to cherish it.


The process of customizing a cookie

All that you need to do in order to customise a cookie is to first decide on the occasion and how you would like to customise it. Most of the cookie stores that allow personalization will have an in-house artist. Just sit with him and come up with the perfect design on the cookie, which is apt for the occasion.



Customizing the cookies are easy and even the most intricate designs can be printed on it. You can get a 3D character on the cookie or just print a personalized message on it. The customised cookies stand out from the rest because it lets you make a statement. There is no limit on how you can decorate a customised cookie. Either choose from the pamphlet available or let your thoughts wander and create the perfect decoration on the cookie to gift to your loved one or to someone special.


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Buying Corporate Gifts In Bulk Saved Me Tons Of Time And Money

As an entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for the right gift for the festive season, which I can gift to my customers. My gift is intended to convey as to how much I value this relationship I have with them. When they use or see my gift, they remember me for a few moments, as an added bonus. Over the past years, I have tried various gifts starting from simple flowers to sweets to clocks and keepsakes. I have decided to move on to wholesale corporate gifts that don’t need much time spent per customer yet are suitable for each one’s tastes. I spend considerable effort on planning each delivery in a unique way. Here are some ways of gifting uniquely.

A smart tablet for those smart people

Smart people on-the-go crave the latest organizers and digital wonders. They will just jump at the chance of owning something trendy and modern, which is being talked about on social media. You not only get brownie points for a perfect gift, you also get remembered more often as your customer will use it more.

A Pedometer for the health freak

If I find out that a customer is a health watcher, runs or jogs regularly, I would immediately take the next gifting opportunity to gift him or her, a pedometer. Pedometers cost anywhere between $1 and $50, and there is a wide range of desirable features.

For the wireless lover, something with Bluetooth

Bluetooth headphones or speakers are an ideal gift for those who spend a lot of time on audio conferences. While they are useful on the go too, they are 100% usable inside confined spaces.

Song of the wind in a wind chime

Yet another gift that can be bought in bulk, a wind chime can be metallic or wooden. I personally prefer the wooden tones as they have Feng-shui values. The yin energies are supposed to uplift any bad moods and the gentle chimes please the soul. Since this is a gift for the home rather than the office, it adds just a little personal touch that your customer will remember.

Keeps your mobile on, always on

Power banks for their mobiles will not just make customers happy, they will appreciate the practical gesture. It’s usually just the thing they’ve been meaning to buy, but somehow don’t find the time or opportunity to do so.

For the beautiful ladies, a touch of makeup

Makeup kits can excite women of any age. For the beginner exploring makeup, it looks like a wondrous Pandora’s Box that she wants try out in her “me” time. For the experts, it may just add the right touch of personalization to complete their makeup sets.

Delivered with a tune and song

This is one of my favorites. A professional singer plays a tune when my customer is receiving his gift. My courier records the whole video while the song is being played and catches the reactions live. The video will be shared via social media as a positive bonding experience.

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Funny vs. romantic – which wedding photo booth would you prefer

The fever of photo booths at weddings is catching up promptly all over. The most enjoyable themes are romance and humor. I am a sucker for love and romance. That said, it is easy to make me fall for anything romantic! However, if it is compared with funny themes, I would think twice before answering this. Romance is funny because it involves a great deal of silliness together! Making the best of both worlds in a wedding would be my choice. What really makes the wedding a nice memory are the fun filled photographs. I would love to explore the following photo booth ideas for my guests, to enjoy at my reception or at the wedding!

1. Retro Theme:
One particular wedding has the photobooth with polka dots frocks and bell-bottom pants, it denoted retro theme and it was fun to watch the photo strips. Many photos had the lovely emotions portrayed with big eyelashes and high buns!

2. Rustic Theme:
Many enjoy getting married the traditional way. It is romantic and the choice of the photo booth for this type of wedding depends on the props selected that give the wedding a funny twist. Wearing big sunglasses and mustaches make even the most serious person to smile a little.

3. Beach Theme:
Some love to have the wedding at the beach. The fresh breeze and water make it nature’s way of blessing the couple! These photos are the most romantic for the newly wedded, but for the guests the thrill at the photo booth reminds them of their vacation!

4. The Harry Potter Photo Talk Style:
This is total fun as I love the talking pictures in Harry Potter. That said, I would prefer the photo booth theme to be more creative and fun for my guests and that would bring more interaction and laughter among them. A place filled with happiness is more of a blessing.

5. Fruits All Over:
I love the garden theme and if it’s fresh, it’s more energizing to look at. Imagine strawberries and carrots hanging all around and joining hands with my man would be such a romantic thing to do in front of the guests. Every once in a while we can even have one or play with it. The photo booth will entirely be in sync with this setup and we will be all set to kiss each other thereby making it the kissing booth. With such a wonderful theme, there is nothing that can beat the romance it would bring!

The sign cards are lovely reminders to take photos at the photo booth and the best part is the photo strips which get printed within a flash. Two copies are made for use: One copy for the guest and one for the couple. This is a list of my favorites, but you can choose the themes for photo booths according to your choices and make your wedding one a memorable day for years to come.
I guess my choice of romance over funny themes is crystal clear now!…

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