Funny vs. romantic – which wedding photo booth would you prefer

The fever of photo booths at weddings is catching up promptly all over. The most enjoyable themes are romance and humor. I am a sucker for love and romance. That said, it is easy to make me fall for anything romantic! However, if it is compared with funny themes, I would think twice before answering this. Romance is funny because it involves a great deal of silliness together! Making the best of both worlds in a wedding would be my choice. What really makes the wedding a nice memory are the fun filled photographs. I would love to explore the following photo booth ideas for my guests, to enjoy at my reception or at the wedding!

1. Retro Theme:
One particular wedding has the photobooth with polka dots frocks and bell-bottom pants, it denoted retro theme and it was fun to watch the photo strips. Many photos had the lovely emotions portrayed with big eyelashes and high buns!

2. Rustic Theme:
Many enjoy getting married the traditional way. It is romantic and the choice of the photo booth for this type of wedding depends on the props selected that give the wedding a funny twist. Wearing big sunglasses and mustaches make even the most serious person to smile a little.

3. Beach Theme:
Some love to have the wedding at the beach. The fresh breeze and water make it nature’s way of blessing the couple! These photos are the most romantic for the newly wedded, but for the guests the thrill at the photo booth reminds them of their vacation!

4. The Harry Potter Photo Talk Style:
This is total fun as I love the talking pictures in Harry Potter. That said, I would prefer the photo booth theme to be more creative and fun for my guests and that would bring more interaction and laughter among them. A place filled with happiness is more of a blessing.

5. Fruits All Over:
I love the garden theme and if it’s fresh, it’s more energizing to look at. Imagine strawberries and carrots hanging all around and joining hands with my man would be such a romantic thing to do in front of the guests. Every once in a while we can even have one or play with it. The photo booth will entirely be in sync with this setup and we will be all set to kiss each other thereby making it the kissing booth. With such a wonderful theme, there is nothing that can beat the romance it would bring!

The sign cards are lovely reminders to take photos at the photo booth and the best part is the photo strips which get printed within a flash. Two copies are made for use: One copy for the guest and one for the couple. This is a list of my favorites, but you can choose the themes for photo booths according to your choices and make your wedding one a memorable day for years to come.
I guess my choice of romance over funny themes is crystal clear now!…

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